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Sculpted vs. Natural

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Hey I'm new here, how do I size my nails?

I will ALWAYS recommend using a size kit. This ensures an accurate fit ALL THE TIME.

The sample nails in the kit are the same exact nails that would be used to create your custom nail sets. You get the perfect fit and also preview the length at the same time. Get yours here.

How many nails come in my order?

Each set comes with 10 nails.

But on occasion, we will make 24 nail sets. (24 nail sets DO NOT require sizing because it contains double and triple of all sizes.

What comes with my order?

Your press on nail order comes with a nail prep kit which includes:

  • 1 wooden cuticle pusher
  • 1 buffer block
  • 1 file
  • 2 alcohol pads
  • 24 nail adhesive tabs
  • makartt liquid nail glue

+ application and removal instructions.

How do I prevent nails from poppin off?

Please follow the "Prep & Application" instructions included in every order. Remember, PREP IS KEY! With proper prep, you can get 2-4 weeks wear time PER APPLICATION.

Are they resuable?

Yes! Our nails can be reused multiple times whether you use the adhesive tabs or glue. We recommend purchasing an e-file (super inexpensive) if using glue to apply. This will remove built up glue from your press-ons after soak off.

What are your nails made with?

Our nails are made using soft gel full cover nails and gel polish that is:

  • Vegan Not derived from animals
  • Cruelty free Products were not tested on animals
  • 21 Free Formula Free from 21 most toxic and allergic chemicals found in gel polish, including HEMA.

Do you offer replacement nails?


Click here to order your replacement nail(s).